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Reflections on 92 years of caring

Friends. That's what both Vicki and Dave Carr enjoyed most about working at Borgess Medical Center for the past 46 years. Friends are what they will miss most since they chose to retire together on May 13, 2016.

“I have worked in 14 different positions since arriving at Borgess June 12, 1970,” said Vicki Carr, CPC-A, Certified Coder. (Dave had joined Borgess four months earlier.) “With each new job, I made new friends who trained me, gave me advice and were there when I just needed someone to talk to or discuss a problem. I will miss the Borgess Family.”

Vicki and Dave won’t miss each other. They met and married shortly after beginning their respective careers.

“In 1970, Dave was a house orderly and I was a nurse’s aide,” Vicki said. “I worked the 3 West Men’s Surgical Unit.

“Dave would come up to the floor and help the men get into the tub. He would then help me make
the bed, while he waited to help them out of the tub. We had time to talk and get to know each other.”

Vicki and Dave went on their first date in October, announced their engagement on January 1, 1971, and got married in June 1971.

The Carr’s three children (two boys and a girl) have been their pride and joy. All have earned advanced degrees, including one who is a pathologist in Holland.

“Two children briefly worked at Borgess Medical Center, while pursuing their respective careers,” said Dave. “We simply asked them to do their best. I once posed the question on how they had all turned out like they did and one responded it was because we respected them and in turn they respected us back.”

Respect for others

Respect for others has been a hallmark of Vicki and Dave Carr.

“I grew up on a farm where there were always unexpected challenges,” Vicki said. “I learned ways to cope and handle these challenges.

“Change has resulted in many unavoidable challenges at Borgess; it’s a part of life,” said Vicki. “One thing I always remembered was something I was told during my training to become a ward clerk. It was emphasized that the majority of the time we would be the first person a patient, family member or visitor would see when they arrived on a floor. The professionalism we displayed would make a
lasting impression. I was representing Borgess Medical Center and with it the values passed down by the Sisters of St. Joseph to everyone who followed.”

“Their impeccable representation of Borgess Health is the best thing to take away from the bittersweet departure of this loving Borgess couple,” said Dan Zeitler, Director, Operations, The Resource Group, LLC, an Ascension Health Alliance Subsidiary.

“All of their contributions may not receive the appreciation they deserve, like the fact that Dave has donated 14 gallons of blood, but their positive spirit lives on because they touched so many others.”

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